Complexity . Eco 2023

Network complexity beyond species counting

11 July - Morning | Vienna
A NetSci2023 satellite

Complexity is a central notion for ecological network research. Yet, despite prodigious developments, we still miss a deep understanding of the drivers and consequences of complexity, and even a consensus definition.

In this satellite we aim to gather an interdisciplinary research group, from boots-on-the-field ecologists to blue-sky mathematicians, to investigate the limitations of current definitions of complexity, propose novel frameworks for assessing complexity, and evaluate their consequences.


We are going to address questions such as:

Keynote speakers

Francis Banville (Université de Montréal), Rogini Runghen (Northeastern University), Tanya Strydom (Université de Montréal), Giulio Dalla Riva (University of Canterbury)


Present your ideas and questions in a lightening talk. Take part to the panels. Collaborate in our workshop.


Our goal is to plant some seeds for further discoveries. Working together, we will start to design a common research project.

We will prioritize the participation of Early Career Researchers, striving to be as inclusive as possible.